Working with Jen & Phil has given me the confidence to balance my busy lifestyle alongside making food choices that work for me. My outlook on food and exercise has completely changed and I’m no longer worrying about meal times and making the “right” choices. I’ve been completely supported throughout and can’t thank Jen & Phil enough


After struggling to lose weight and trying various diets over many years with little success I have finally found something that works.  I have realised that I shouldn’t be obsessed with what I weigh but it is all about changing my body shape by a combination of exercise and calorie intake. Phil and Jen’s valued and detailed advice has been central to my success in sticking to the plan and seeing good results for the first time. I am a lot happier, have more energy and my back problem is improving as a result, so thank you both.


You name a weight loss programme and I’ve probably tried it: Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, The Food Doctor, Paul McKenna, Jane Plan, Noom. I’ve even spent a week in Thailand sticking a pipe up my bottom! I’ve had at least four gym memberships, three personal trainers and two hypnotherapists. Most of those were successful in the short-term. However, none of them have worked in the long-term because they didn’t fit me my lifestyle: ultimately they weren’t sustainable.

Two jobs, two very young children, endless client entertaining and an active social life and I sometimes think I’m mad to worry about body fat at the same time. There’s no suggesting I stop at one glass of champagne (not while the client’s paying!) or one cocktail when I’m out with the girls, no turning my nose up at a calorie rich canapé or a seven course tasting menu on date night.


I’m over a stone lighter, fitter, I look and feel physically better, which, in turn, means I feel better about myself. Clothes shopping is now a pleasure. However, I don’t need to do it, as I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes I can now fit back into


Before I joined Lift, Learn & Burn, the best word to describe myself was scared. I was scared stiff of anything remotely related to health, fitness and wellbeing. I was in a very unhealthy frame of mind and it wasn’t getting better anytime soon. I was petrified of acknowledging my weight and doing anything about it. Joining LL&B provided me with knowledge, workouts and reassurance in a straightforward, easy to understand approach that has left me feeling in control and confident in my own skin. I’m so glad I joined and started to make real changes that are clear and definitely long term!


When I signed up in January I didn’t think I would be where I am today, not only has my mindset shifted immensely but I have also lost weight! 
These guys have absolutely changed my mindset, going from ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I’m not feeling up to it’ to HELL YES LETS DO IT! 

So, a massive thank you to these guys for being supportive, being patient and guiding my mind to see the positives in everything! 


I have new found body confidence that I never thought I'd have. I never imagined I'd let anyone see the picture on the left. I have been able to understand food, instead of using a tracking method that means nothing to me when I stop. This had really helped take the guilt out of eating certain foods and means I don't have to feel like I'm missing out on anything and still see results! Learning to enjoy exercise has also made a big change. I used to run because I thought it was the only way I'd lose weight, but I absolutely hated every second. Now I lift weights and enjoy seeing the numbers increase each week and feel myself getting stronger.

The biggest thing for me is when I have a day/week that doesn't become a bad month or months anymore; I just pick up where I left off. 


Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 17.58.12.png

I love the facebook group. It feels like a safe haven to discuss thoughts, feelings and ideas whether they are good or bad. I don't feel like there is any judgement. There are many things that I would post in the group that I would not post on my other social media platforms. One of my favourite things is that Jen and Phil put a lot of effort into replying to messages and feeding through content. This is very, very rare. I have followed Slimming World, and Results with Lucy and on neither was there such involvement from the hosts. The facebook group content has been very variable and I think this what keeps it interesting. It's my go to place when i have a spare 5 minutes to kill or I am in need of a bit of advice. The honest content about mental health is really refreshing.


I have definitely made progress. I have learnt more about nutrition and got into a good exercise routine. I have found LL&B to be more focused on supporting personal accountability rather than following a strict routine and going at someone else's pace. This has made me focus on my goals and seeing how I can adapt my lifestyle to achieve them. This has been a key factor in me getting into a good routine and to think before I eat. I have lost 7lbs since 1 January 2020 but I have not felt in any way deprived. Jen and Phil's support, and that of the facebook group, has been invaluable.


I loved the calorie counter - I had previously been using MFP to estimate my weight loss calories which were very low and I found it very hard to stick to I find the nutrition postings very interesting. I love the focus on small wins, and not on failing!